Exclusive Split on Local or Sandbox environment

I'm using the E-mailTemplate App within my project. When in LOCAL environment I want my Email to be send in Queue and when in SANDBOX/LIVE environment I want my Email to be send directly. The question here is: Is it possible to determine what environment the user is in a Exclusive Split on some kind of system variable? Or are there other solution to determine this.
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Yes, you can do this with a constant. The Sandbox always uses the default value of a constant.

Create a boolean constant for instance "SendEmailWithQueue". Set default value to false, then in your own configuration under project settings go to tab constants add "SendEmailWithQueue" constant and change value to true. Make sure you use the correct configuration (if you have multiple).

Now add this constant (use @ sign to call a constant in MF expression) to a split in your MF and Bob's your uncle!