How to create enumeration for images and how i can display different images in google map markers.

Hi,        i am integrating google maps module in mendix mibile application. in which i want to display a image for only user location. and for other markers should be with default images. in google maps module which i have downloaded have Enum based image markers. which have enum key and image. i want to know wt is enum key and how to diplay image for different locations with different images using enum based image markers. i want to place image at Marker A. Thank you
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If I understand your question correctly you want to know which value you need to place in the Google Maps widget. The Enum key is the name (not the caption) of your enumeration item. The name is the key that will be stored in the database and the caption is translatable for each language in your project.

The image is retrieved from an image collection which is a resource item of the menu in the project explorer: