Unable to convert .7z files to mpk

Hi,     i am working on googl maps widget. i edited  googlemaps.mpk widget file by extractng. and when i compress that file using 7z zip. and created .7z extention if i rename the extension to .mpk file it is giving warning. i even tried to hide extension for known files in folder options. still getting same issue, how to solve this issue.  thank you
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Make sure you use the extension zip when creating the archive.


check out this script: https://github.com/appronto/scripts it uses 7zip's exe as well.

Extract the widget to the new dir

adjust your widget

Just copy the UpdateArchive_DRAG_MPK_HERE.cmd  and the exe in the  widget dir and drag the existing mpk over the script.


if you  create custom  widget please use the boiletplate/yoman of Mendix: https://github.com/mendix/generator-mendix


@saiteja this is a default Windows warning message making sure you do not change an extension by mistake. However, if you properly ZIP and not 7zip (7z) the folder and then change the extension to MPK you will get the message but if you choose yes, all will be fine and your extension will be changed. 

As Pim mentioned it is, however, advisable to use one of the scripts to make this process a little bit faster.


I know you can use online converter for these conversions, but that is manually. If you want to create process automation, you can find a lot of programmers on Stack Overflow. I came a cross a lot of these questions, and they have provided a lot of solutions. Good luck with the project!