Combining feedback items or adding people to the email updates on a story

Does anyone know a way to combine stories/feedback items in the mendix sprintr? A lot of the times we receive similar/exactly the same feedback items and when one of them gets accepted/handled, the other one is closed with a ‘already planned’. But, in that case, the person that gets the latter message, is never updated when the item is actually handled or when comments are added, etc.. If it's impossible to combine stories or feedback items, it would be really nice if there's a way to include all of the people (who sent in a similar feedback item) in the email updates on a story. 
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As long as the "already planned" (or even "done") story is still in a current or future sprint (i.e. non-archived/completed), I just accept the second feedback item into that sprint, and drag it as a task onto the existing story. To the extend of my knowledge, Sprintr will send emails to the suppliers of feedback for any stories and tasks in the sprint when you press "Complete current sprint".