Manipulating DOM from 3rd party script

Hey, I've ran into the following issue at a customer, hopefully someone can shed some light on this: Visitor visits site Mendix renders the page, builds the HTML After Mendix is done, a 3rd party script manipulates the DOM, replaces HTML Visitor navigates to other page, navigation no longer works. “Cannot read property '_destroyed' of undefined” is visible in browser console   I’m assuming the Mendix library is no longer able to find an object because the 3rd party script has removed it from the DOM. I'm looking for a way to manipulate the DOM using the 3rd party script, without breaking the navigation. Preferably without changing the Mendix/site implementation. Best, Karel
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I faile to grasp the reason why you want to do this and if this is the right way to go. In my opionion this is prone to fail because you must really know what you are doing and how are you going to guarantee that this keeps working in newer Mendix versions?

So the real question is what are you trying to achieve here, because there may be alternative sollutions.