Installing Oracle XE in combination with mendix

We are trying to set up a testing environment to test Mendix in an oracle database but get stuck when deploying it. We have installed the XE database and added a user who has all rights. But when we try to connect to it we get a jdbc error. aa: Error on initializing database connection. Caused by: Error on initializing database connection. at at.a(SourceFile:1318) Caused by: I/O-uitzondering: Got minus one from a read call The connection settings we use are: Type: Oracle 10.2 and later URL: localhost:8080 (default port) SID: XE username: (tried both HR as default user and a newly created user) password: password as added to the users in the database manager.
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Are you sure the Oracle database runs on port 8080? By default it is 1521.