SP Metadata - Upload

Hi guys, I working at a client where we have multiple application.  We are using the SAML 2.0 Module and need to configure each of the environments with their custom Metadata File.  This involves multiple people and can take time to organize this effort.  We are now considering upgrading a few applications, which involves updating the SAML 2.0 Module.  What would be the best practice to updating the SP Metadata file?  If I can reuse the original one we downloaded, it would count out a lot of effort.  Should I customize an upload process and overwrite the existing Metadata File or do I have to continue the current process of downloading the file and configure the IdP server? 
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You can reuse the metadatafile. I would even suggest to confige the SAML module so that you use the URL option to refresh the metadatafile. This save you a lot of hassle when security certificates change. And I would advise to do that yearly ;)