Mendix UX Theme - How to get page title like on the demo site

I would like to layout my application like shown on (silver lining theme, but it goes for all of them I believe). When downloading the theme it does not seem to show the page title as on the demo project (all else is the same). I've tried adding a page title to the layouts but I don't know which of the css classes to use so that it actually looks like it should (as shown on the demo site and the image below): So I would like to have a page title just as in the image (marked in red). Any quick solution to implement this in the themes that are provided by Mendix?
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The new themes do not use the page title as we were used to.

I took the following from the Materialism start project:

My dashboard has a layout grid. First row is full width, weight 12. It contains a Container with class pageheader. In that container is a Label with class pageheader-title and render mode Heading 2.

I have not tried that yet but it should not be too hard to create a layout that has all this stuff and uses the PageTitle element rather than a label.

The other rows also have a container, with classes card text-center and a Label with class card-title and render mode Heading 2. That separates each row like the dashboard in the demo site.

Edit: I did not notice on the image but there is more. I did a little inspection on the demo site, these are nested, outermost is the first in the list:

  • A Container with classes pageheader-fullwidth pageheader
  • A full width LayoutContainer
  • A Heading 2 label with class pageheader-title.