trigger automated test based on latest deployment on environment

We are using a jenkins server running an automated selenium test. Ideally we want to run a regression test everytime a new build is uploaded to our acceptance environment. It would be nice if we coud listen to new deployments and trigger the automated test based on new deployments, but after checking the Projects & Deploy API's that does not seem like an option. The next best thing to me seems to check the project every interval for new revisions and push those revisions to acceptance and start an automated test. But that would interfere with the funcitonal testing that happens on acceptance. If we test on acceptance and the server is shutdown all of the sudden we would have to restart our own test.   Does anybody have experience with automatically triggered regression tests on a mendix environment? How did you handle this issue?
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I think the best approach would be to perform your deployments from Jenkins. This would have a number of benefits:

 - You're not stuck with the cluncky UI the cloud portal uses and could implement funtionality to actually deploy with a single button press.

 - You're allowed for greater flexibility as to what environment to deploy to. It would make sense to have an extra environment that you run all your selenium tests on, since it would allow your test sutie on lots of new revisions without interfering with manual testing on your test environment. You could even consider doing this on an on-premise server without a license, as long as all your tests take less than 90 minutes to complete.