Replacing behavior XML-mapping

I prepared two tcx-files: a file A and an file B from the same originating file in which I only changed a few values. Importing and mapping was a succes with both files but I kept having the situation in which the imported values from file A were deleted from the database as soon as I imported file B. There were two elements I imported from every file: a datetime (1) and a value (2). Only 2 was changed in this situation. After debugging for some time I found out this was not due to my model but caused by Mendix that executed some delete-action and overwrote values from file A when importing file B. When importing a file C that came from a different originating file, I did not have this problem. It seems that Mendix somehow recognized duplicate values and deletes them. In my case this behavior is not wished. *Found out that when I change all elements (both the datetime (1) and the value (2)), this behavior does not occur anymore. However, in my case I would like to keep the datetime value the same. Does anyone else recognize this behavior in Mendix and has an idea how I can prevent this deleting behavior while keeping the datetime element?
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I think your XML -> Domain Model mapping might be searching for an object in your model instead of creating a new one. Can you check these settings?