Download FileDocument in mobile hybrid app not working

I am working on a functionality via microflow in my app where the user can download a populated PDF file. I created a FileDocument object, used a template, set the document type as PDF, populated it with some items, and used the download file activity.  Testing via desktop web browser (cloud and local) results in the PDF file shown in a new tab. However, testing via hybrid mobile app (cloud) results in an error, which I cannot see in my application log. Testing via Mendix Developer mobile app (local) results in the app opening new browser window but no PDF file is shown (blank window). No ad blockers is installed on the mobile device. Below is the error message shown in mobile app if it helps. Does anyone have any idea on why is this happening? Thanks!   Edit: disabling static resources from disk fixed this issue. Thanks! Submitted a ticket for review too.
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Hmm, this looks like a bug to me.

Do you have the setting Statis resources from disk (Under project Settings, Runtime) enabled? If so, could you disable this, and check again.