How to change page title for Pop up layout

Hi,     i showing a pop up layout on button action. but when i am running the aplication the pop up layout default title is "EditLocation" here Location is entity and popup page contains Dataview.  where as if i open the page in moduler there is no property to set page title. how to change the title of default popup layout. Thakyou.
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Change the page title on your "Edit location" page:

you can't set a default title on the layout itself, it generates on creating of your page <Page Title> as default title (maybe with css it can be fixed but then is it for all of your popups)



The screenshot that you provided are showing the properties of the Dataview and not the page.

Zoom out a little and select an area outside of your content to view the page properties.
You should see the properties as Pim was showing.


Hi Saitja,

  You have uncovered one of the slightly tricky bits about editing properties in the Mendix Page editor.  The list of properties displayed in the 'Properties' window always reflects the item in the page editor that is selected with an Orange Box.  If you are on the page editor and see an item with an orange box around it, that is the item for which properties are displayed.  Perhaps on your page editor, you have a datagrid selected.

  To get at the properties of the page as a whole, you can left-click on the white space outside of any page elements (effectively selecting nothing).