How to access logs of mendix free cloud app

We are in the process of getting a paid node, but we already have started building using a free app. I have an error when sending a SOAP message from this free app from the cloud (local version works fine and dandy) and I would like to access the logs of the free cloud app to find out what's going wrong (prb something wrong with our IP-whitelist). Can I access the logs of a free app?
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Go to and find Your Project in the list. Go to the deployment tab and there you will find the ''Show application logs'' and ''show debugger information'' buttons


[obsolete]Unfortunately, it's not possible to access the logs from Sprintr for a Sandbox application.

My suggestion would be to add the Logging module from the AppStore. This module enables you to have your application write all console log messages to the application and store it in an entity so that you can access the information from within your application.

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Ps: by default you won't be able to immediately import the module to a Mendix 6 project as the module was created in Mendix 5. However, you should be able to load the module into a Mendix 5 project, after which you can upgrade it through your modeler to Mendix 6. I still use this module in several Mendix 6 projects.[/obsolete]

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Here is a screen shot of the app platform for one of my sandbox apps.  You'll see the three buttons I have circled that will enable you to access the logs for your sandbox app:

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Additionally you could test the integration locally and monitor the errors in your 'Console' view. If you don't have a problem locally but you do in the sandbox, it might be that you are accessing a service inside of your network that hasn't been opened outside your firewall for the sandbox cloud server to access. It's a common issue for new folks to the platform.