What is the expected behaviour of the default home page?

I posted a question about this a couple of weeks ago & got a couple of replies, but I'm still not quite clear on how the default home page is supposed to work, particularly when it's set to a microflow. See: Link In 2.4.x (when it was the 'Home' property on the Navigation) it was executed every time a user logged on, and if they logged out & logged back in it was executed again. However in 2.5 it only appears to be executed the first time a user logs in during a browser session, unless the login screen is refreshed. This leads to inconsistent behaviour in the application. I have noticed the following happening: When I login & logout agaon the user name & password are still displayed on the login screen - I have now raised this as a bug. If I log out & overwrite the username & password & login as a new user then the default home page microflow is re-executed - but ONLY if the new user has a different user role to the previous user. If I log out & log in again as a different user with the same user role as the previous user then the default home page microflow does not get re-executed. At least this is what appears to be happening if I put break points on the various microflows concerned. Can someone confirm if this is the way it should work, or is there a bug? If this is how the default home page is intended to work then how can I get a microflow to execute every time a user logs in? It is an absolute requirement for most production applications to have the facility to execute the equivalent of a user profile every time an individual user logs in to the system. Thanks.
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