Call to microflow ended in an error

I'm implementing ReCaptcha for anonymous users. My onclick microflow calls the ReCaptcha check, then calls my validation microflow. The microflow returns a string. If ReCaptcha check fails, the ReCaptcha result is returned. That works fine. If I remove my validation microflow and just return a 'Thank you' string after the reCaptcha check, that works fine. However, when validation fails, I am trying to return a custom string to indicate that, but instead get a message that says: 'The page at localhost:8080 says: Save of Contests.Entry ended in an error' Does anyone know how I can intercept/override this message?
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I was able to resolve the problem by removing the Show Validation Message from my validation microflow and returning a string with validation text instead (returned empty string if validation was a success).

The submit microflow then submitted the entity if returned string was empty or returned validation text if not.