Sending mail via MxModelReflection to GMAIL

Hi, I created an option to send an email musing MX Model Reflection. When sending to our company email or for instance to an account at; this works fine. However when i send an email to my gmail account, in Mx Model Reflection i can see it has been send.   You guess it did now receive the mail, and no it's not in spam.   Anyone suggestions. -- Thanks in advance and Regards Hans Kuchler  
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Hans, what has the MxModelReflection have to do with e-mail? Unless they changed this module drasticly the last time I looked there is no send mail functionality in the module. So now back to your question, which module or java action are you using for sending mail?





Hi All,

@Ronald thanks for your response.

I was wrong, i used page SMTP_Administration_page from the administration SMTP Email module version 1.0, which was imported from the app store.

As i explained earlier, it works sending emails to several accounts but gmail i've tried a lot of times but i didn't receive te message.

Is there something i should add?

To all sorry my bad.


Regards Hans


You could also use the Email Module from the app store. We have used it within our organization without issue: