Object not past to microflow in Mx5.18

We are testing our application after conversion from 5.16.1 to 5.18 and we encounter some issues. When calling a microflow from a page where an object is passed from the page to the microflow we get an error that the object can not be found. Here an example: This is the starting form: The orange box is an image that when clicked calls the microflow Open_Popup _Refresh. As one can notice the microflow settings seem empty. But when opening you see this: As expected we see that the Medewerker object is passed to this microflow. This is the microflow: https://modelshare.mendix.com/models/c5a81bcb-dd17-4183-9460-dfd5374d7f0a/open-popup-refresh But now the debug on this microflow: As one can see I do not have the Medewerker object. The result is an error: com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: requirement failed: Page object 'Medewerker' should not be empty. at Talentmanagement.Open_Popup_Refresh (ShowPage : 'Show 'Legenda_Popup'') Anybody else found similair issues? I found one forum post about 5.16.1 and not passing objects and that this could be a security problem. But this is working in 5.16.1 but fails in 5.18. Anybody a clue? Or is this just a (quit some large) bug? Regards, Ronald
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This is indeed a bug which was introduced in version 5.17.0. The image widget did not pass its context when calling a microflow. The bug has been fixed in version 5.19.0, which is planned to be released on August 31st.



Is your entity perhaps Non-persistant? I got the same error, again, yesterday,and remembered from my last time it was both with non-persistant entities.

Making the entity persistable fixed it for me. Altough I doubt by the name of your entity that it would be non-persistant :-)