How to change the focus of one tab to another tab in Header?

Hi, In my Project I have Home, Administration, Data Center, Customer, Order Manager and Invoice tabs. From Customer tab I am using one Microflow to convert one customer to Order. It is working fine, but the focus of Customer tab is not setting to Order Manager tab after conversion. How can I change this focus of Customer tab to Order Manager tab? Please let me, how I can achieve this thing... Thanks & Regards, Venkat.
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I think I understand what you're trying to do.

When you show a page from a microflow in Mendix, it won't automatically highlight a related menu item in the navigation menu. It will highlight that item if you click on it. You have a few options:

  • Use buttons to build your own menu structure where you can control styling
  • Add the Page Title to your page layout so it's more clear to the user where they are in the system
  • Use some custom JavaScript on the Orders page to highlight the right menu item. Check out this question for details on how you might do that.

Have you taken a look at in the app store. This might do what you want.

I'm not sure that what you're asking is really a tab container or a menu.  If it is a menu, then just add an show page action to the end of your previous microflow to open the correct page.