Private/Putty Cloud commands

Is there doumentation somewhere on the various commands that can be used on a private/putty cloud server?
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Hi Jordan,

I am not sure about the documentation but once you login into private cloud using putty and after you enter m2ee command then you can type help which will give you list of available commands as below.


login as: xxxxx


m2ee(xxxxx): help
Welcome to m2ee, the Mendix Runtime helper tools.

Available commands:
 unpack - unpack an uploaded Mendix Deployment Archive from data/model-upload
 download_runtime - download a missing Mendix Runtime distribution
 start - try starting the application using the unpacked deployment files
 stop - stop the application
 restart - restart the application
 status - display Mendix Runtime status (is the application running?
 create_admin_user - create first user when starting with an empty database
 update_admin_user - reset the password of an application user
 who, w - show currently logged in users
 log - follow live logging from the application
 loglevel - view and configure loglevels
 about - show Mendix Runtime version information
 show_current_runtime_requests - show action stack of current running requests
 interrupt_request - cancel a running runtime request
 show_license_information - show details about current mendix license key
 cleanup_runtimes - clean up downloaded Mendix Runtime versions, except the
     one currently in use
 cleanup_runtimes_except [<version> <version> ...] - clean up downloaded Mendix
     Runtime versions, except the one currently in use and other ones specified
 exit, quit, <ctrl>-d - exit m2ee

When using PostgreSQL, you can also use:
 psql - start the postgresql shell
 dumpdb - create a database dump into the data/database folder
 emptydb - drop all tables and sequences from the database
 restoredb - restore a database dump from the data/database folder

Hint: use tab autocompletion for commands!
Use help expert to show expert and debugging commands


Hope this helps!


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