Is it possible to load a different components.json file in the config.xml for Phonegap?

We have a whitelabel app where we can lead different stylesheets per label (based on the URL) on desktop. Using a switch statement the app reads the URL and load the correct stylesheets. For the responsive app this works fine. But we also offer a Phonegap app, using the components.json. This file is hard coded and "statically" loads the stylesheets. Is there a way to dynamically load the correct stylesheets by configuring this in the config.xml / index.html of the phonegap build?   - Edit: Since we have different phonegap builds per whitelabel, changing the components.json in the config.xml or index.html would be a solution as well. 
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I assume you did take a look at this widget:

I have not tried this in a mobile variant but my assumptions is that this could work also on mobile.





Thanks Ronald but we use a custom switch statement in the index.html for responsive devices.


In the meantime we managed to get this working! We changed the bundle.js to load a different components.json file. Works like a charm :)