DUNS number for multiple IOS developer accounts

Situation; We’ve a developer account for the holding company which is enrolled and allowed to publish apps in the IOS Appstore. This is a holding company and exist of more than 20 different labels. We would like to publish specific apps for these different labels, but the app name AND the name of the app publisher should be the name of the applicable label. We can create specific developer accounts for each formula, but we prefer to not start the DUNS request procedure for each account again. Question: Can we somehow create new developer accounts for each labels and use the DUNS number from the holding company to authorize these accounts? Or, is there another way to publish these apps with using the label name as app publisher?
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As far as I know, there is no other way then creating a new account. However, your best bet would be to contact Apple and see if they have options available for your problem.