Audit Trail configuration

Hi, In my application, I have an entity called Order. I am using this entity in one of my snippets. I am showing the data using data grid. Here I am sorting the data based on the changed date. When I tried to add Audit trail for this entity as Generalization, I an unable to use the system members like Created Date, Changed Date, Owner and Changed By. I am facing an error like " Undefined attribute 'OrderManager.Order.changedDate' (no attribute 'OrderManager.Order.changedDate').Property 'Attribute path' of sort bar of data grid 'grid8'Snippet 'Activities_Snippet'Texisle". Before adding this to my entity, It was working fine. Why I am facing this issue... Please let me know..   Thanks, Venkat.
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You need to reselect those attributes to get them from the audit trail generalization entity.