Getting the correct branch name from the Team Server API

I am busy building a one click deploy script, which we need to trigger builds from jenkins on our Acceptance environment (so we can run tests on the latest revisions). The script works for the main line, I am able to build a new package, turn off the environment, transport the package and start the environment. However, I ran into a problem building a package from a branch line, the Team Server API was unable to find the branch name. However, the branch name I use was returned by the mendix API. [ { "DisplayName": "Main line", "LatestRevisionMendixVersion": "6.10.3", "LatestRevisionNumber": 2150, "Name": "trunk" }, { "DisplayName": "Consumentenportaal", "LatestRevisionMendixVersion": "6.10.3", "LatestRevisionNumber": 2111, "Name": "branches/Consumentenportaal" } ]   If I then try to retrieve the branch with a request to:<AppId>/branches/<Name> with the branch name I get the following error: { "errorMessage": "There is no branch with name 'Consumentenportaal'.", "errorCode": "BRANCH_NOT_FOUND" } But as you can see in the return array from the request to list the branches, that is the name that is returned to me by the Team Server API.  
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the name isn't Consumentenportaal, 

it is 'branches/consumentenportaal' .


I assume however you will need to url encode this.