XML to Domain Mapping with Inheritance

Hello experts! I am trying to perform a XML To Domain Model mapping using a Web Service call. This mapping is not working for Inheritance relationship. Lets say I have a Domain model with 2 Entities. 'Party' and 'Person' with 'Person' inheriting from 'Party' (Using Generalization). I am trying to populate this domain model from a Web Service call with the Schema having the same representation of the Inheritance(Using XSD:Extension). When I get XML back from the service, if I return the instance of the 'Person' in the XML(Using xsi:Type = Person), and map this to the 'Person' Domain entity, should the mapping automatically populate both 'Party' and 'Person' Domain entities? Currently it is not populating either. Are there any solutions to this problem?
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Hi Raghu,

Currently we are working on XML Inheritance in mapping document. The changes will resolve your issue with xsiType. For now, I cannot guarantee which release it will be, but be aware that the fix is coming.

cheers, Faried