Ignoring character in search

I have an application that I'm building that has fields stored with "wild card" characters in them.  These wild cards are "&".  i'm trying to figure out if the search on a gridview can accommodate what i'm looking to do.  also, does anyone have a way for me to do it. The field i'm looking to search has data that looks like 1C6&R6TP&D As i'm trying to filter the grid results, i would like if the user could type in "1C64R6" or "1C6AR6".  Meaning that the user could type in any character and the record would be found.  its almost a reverse regex.  Any ideas are appreciated.
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You could use a custom search field. I think I would construct something like this:

- Create an entity (Search) with an empty string attribute (query)

- Display the string attribute on your page, this acts as the search field

- Set a search button next to it, and execute a microflow when clicking. You can now retrieve objects from the database based on the search query (and display them in a list); within this microflow you can add the & characters0


You could also provide a search option attribute so you can execute different search logic when pressing the search button.