Performance optimization of associations

In my application I have security rules on based on association paths to a Customer object. These objects may sometimes be 3 to 4 associations away. This is often combine with restrictions on status enumerations. Currently this seems to make some screens slow to load (in list views). Is there any way to optimize this? e.g. can I put indexes on associations instead of attributes, or does the sequence in a xpath have a big performance impact.
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Associations are indexed by Mendix. That won't help you. A security rule with multiple assocations will affect the performance. You can consider to replace them with direct associations or copy the enumeration value to the main object, but that you need to maintain yourself and is only possible if your path if build up with references, and does not contain reference sets.


This kind of security is especially bad in combination with inheritance. Are you using inheritance anywhere along the xpath entities?

Also see if you have reference sets on the starting entity. Maybe you can redesign those to a middle entity with 2 references.