How to create a link in PDF template?

Hi, Good morning. In my application, I am using GeoLocation widget to show the google maps based on the address entered by User. I am showing the user input on the map with pointer. And also I am able to get the latitude and longitude also. Now I want to create a link in pdf to show that map. When the user clicks on the link, It should took him to the google maps and show that location with pin. How can I approch this? Please give me your valuable suggestions to get this. I hope I am clear.  Thanks, Venkat.
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You would just need to generate the following URL:,long,zoom where:

* lat is your latitude (e.g. 52.2129919)

* long is your longitude (e.g. 5.2793703)

* zoom is the zoom factor, suffixed with a z (e.g. 12z)

Complete URL:,5.2793703,12z

Alternatively, if you want to direct the user from the PDF document to your own app, you can use the deep link module from the AppStore.