Scout on Mac with parallels

Hi, I have Windows 10 running on parallels on a Mac. I've installed the prereqs for Windows 10 as described in the Mendix releas notes. However when is press 'Play' in Scout i get the following error: Errno::ENOENT on line 102 of org/jruby/ No such file or directory - //psf/Home org/jruby/ directory?' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass.rb:19:insharedextensionpaths' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/helpers.rb:112:in discover_extensions!' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/project_base.rb:27:inconfigure!' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/projectbase.rb:15:in initialize' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/update_project.rb:37:ininitialize' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/exec/subcommand_ui.rb:42:in perform!' C:/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/exec/sub_command_ui.rb:15:inrun!' C:\Scout\bin\compass:12:in `(root) I'm not sure if this is related to running it in Parallels. Does somebody know this? And if it is related, is there a fix/workaround for this? Found a similar question on, but no answers. Tx, Joy
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Have you tried using the mac version of scout?