Newly created page does not show up in modul security

Hi all, I am doing the Bounce Travel Tutorial. In section 11 "As a Customer I want to be able to Request a Flight Booking (Create a Request)", I have created the new page "TravelRequest_EditNew". Unfortunately, it does not show up in the module level security. I have tried another page and it also did not show up in module security to add user rights. Any ideas?
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You can also setup the rights on the pages themselves. To show up on module security, the page must be used in the navigation or from another page.

Answer to new questions: If you use role customer to secure your page, that module role must be added to a user role in the project security. After that, add that role to a user if your user does not already have that user role.

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Hi Marcel,

many thx. I understood, that you need to add a page to the navigation or triggered it from another page in order to get the entery in module security.

Setting up the rights on the pages themselves: Here I can go to edit page > navigation visible for... and select user roles, that should be allowed to see the page. Do you mean this part?

In sum, I still cannot allow users with the role "customer" to envoke the "TravelRequest_EditNew" page. I do the following

  1. Create a new user account with role customer
  2. Login with the newly created user account with role customer
  3. Cannot envoke "create new travel request"
  4. Going to "my account", there is still the "demouser selected. User role is "demouser". Should not here be the role "customer" selected to be able to trigger the TravelRequest?

Any idea is very welcome ;)