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Hi All I'm wondering about limits for the freely hosted "sandbox". I know about the following limits: 1. 5 hosted applications 2. Limited support SLAs 3. 10 internal users or 100 external users (or a mix) Apart from the above, I understand free hosting is a fairly unlimited offering, but I'd like to check the following: 1. Is there a storage limit for files uploaded (as data)? 2. Is there a daily data transfer limit? 3. Are there backup limits? ie. is it possible to schedule regular backups and restore from a prior day? Thanks!
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Update, see actual limits on:


Hi Ari,

  1. Each free app has a limit of 100MB of data and 100MB of file storage space
  2. I never heard of a transfer limit at Mendix, so I assume there is a faire use policy
  3. First, no backups were possible; this has been updated:
    You can restore the nightly build of the last two weeks, but you cannot trigger a back-up creation yourself or upload a database. So every night a backup is automatically created and you can manually restore it (see screenshot below).



The 10 internal user limitation should also be gone since last MendixWorld. Or did I miss something?


I would very much to hear from more people regarding this.
I’ve been making small Outsystems applications for clients and leaving them on their free cloud and using a raspberry pi to simulate timely access to avoid them to go to sleep.

Since in my regular work uses Mendix, It would be nice to unify everything and stop using two low-code tools, but I need to know more about how to keep small apps on the free cloud without problems.

I know this is a paid product, and one should pay for the usage, but the price is simply too high for the kind of work I do, with small 5 to 10 ppl business that need to have their system well managed.


Hi Ari..

You have mentioned 5 hosted applications.. As far as I know there is no such limitation.. you can create unlimited amount of hosted applications..

That's what the website says..