How can I create a clickable text in the PDF?

Hi. Good Morning All. In my application, I am creating one googleMap link based on the address. I am creating one PDF for that address. I want that link to be kept in the pdf, which is possible for me.  Now I don't want to show the entire link in the pdf. Instead of that link, I want to show some text like "Click here" which is clickable and goes to that link on the map. Is it possible? Can I create a clickable link in PDF template? Please give me your valuable suggestion for me. I hope I am clear about my problem.   Thanks, Venkat.
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This is more an adobe question. I think the answer is here:

So it seems you can just use the href HTML.




Create the string with the URL. Example: <a href=",++Crosby,+TX77532/@29.924986,-95.050741,17z">goto Google</a>

Then create the documenttemplate where you show this string. Make sure that the Render XHTML is set to true in the properties of the string on the document template.



See the below image. Here I am using a variable called MapURL. This variable gets the Map link of the DeliverAddress. Now, when I use this template I am getting the total link address like ",++Crosby,+TX77532/@29.924986,-95.050741,17z". Now Instead of this link I want to replace this link with a text like "I am a Map URL." which is clickable. When I click on this text, It should open the above link. Hope I am clear.