Change Datagrid Search Label Width

  Hi, Newbie here. Please note I'm not a designer, but I understand basic CSS and have manged to get an SASS compiler running for styling my Mendix App. I have a datagrid with a couple of search fields. I'm trying to change the label width for the search fields (.mx-grid-search-label when I inspect in Chrome). I've only managed to do so by assigning the datagrid-fullsearch class to the datagrid, but then I can't use more than one search field...  Can anyone tell me if there's something I can add in _datagrids.scss in order to control the label width of the search fields for a particular datagrid? Thanks!  
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Hi Reinout,


You should create a custom class for this datagrid and add the following to your custom stylesheet or .scss file. 

.<custom .mx-grid-search-input {
  width: <the width you want>;


Hope that helps for you. 


Kind regards,