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Hi Mendix Users, I recently started using Mendix and I'm working on a shopping cart for our ordersystem. My current shoppingcartpage uses the orderline database as its datasource. My problem is that all existing orderlines are displayed in this page, but I only want to display the orderline of the current user.  How can I solve this problem?
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Hi Kishan,

Let me answer your question in two-fold

1. constraining to current user; this can be done using Xpath. Where you constrain the orderlines, to those which are related to orders of the customer. For example:


This constrained can be added on two locations

- At page (list widget) => constrains only the displayed orderlines, not really secure

- At security (access rule) => constrains all requests, really secure


2. Secondly, I shouldn't use the orderline entity directly for the shopping chart. I would model it as a "shadow" entity. a copy of order-orderline -> shopingchart-shoppingchartline

That separates the process of shopping from actually placing an order.
As example the following domain model

Goodluck Rene