Downloaded RestServices and now get error

I've downloaded and imported the RestServices app to my application, but I get two errors in the RestServices Module before I even try to use it. These are 1 - Undefined Layout 'Layouts.DesktopLayout' (No module 'Layouts') 2 - Undefined placeholder 'Layouts.DesktopLayout.Content' (no module 'Layouts') I'm very new to Mendix so don't know how to fix these and would not expect them from a freshly loaded app. Any ideas? I'm using version 1,5
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This probably has to do with the fact that the Mx 5.18 release introduced NavigationLayouts rather than the previously used Layouts module.

What you need to do is select the correct layout (something along the lines of sidebar_full_responsive in the NavigationLayout module) for error 1. This can be done in the Properties pane which appears on the right hand side within the modeler when you view the page that is generating the error.

I believe Error 2 should automatically resolve after that.

Also refer to the documentation