migrate problems from BM5.12 to BM.519

We’re currently upgrading our App from BM 5.12 to 5.19. Within the modeller everything is valid, but when running the App the presentation is horrible at some places. Some background boxes are positioned on a different location (eg. 400px higher) or buttons are places outside a presentation box. In the BM 5.18 release notes there is a statement of depreciation Since the layout container is renamed to scroll container, the old classes with the "mx-layoutcontainer" prefix are deprecated. Use the "mx-scrollcontainer" prefix instead. In our case, it looks the theme.css of our project is still valid for the rendered pages. But as mentioned, at run time the pages look horrible. Some examples In screen 1A (item 1 + 2) the white box is missing (actually, debugging finds that the dark gray box is displayed in top of the white box) In screen 2A (item 1) the buttons are places outside the white box. Item 2 the dark gray box is places some px higher then in BM 5.12 See DL links http://postimg.org/image/5017c7jmn/ http://postimg.org/image/p0epfr271/ http://postimg.org/image/hgy96defh/ http://postimg.org/image/idwn0b9wd/bbb1413c/ Also attatched 2 rendered pages in HTML format for the new person page. See HTML rendered pages http://pastebin.com/hQHqktf2 http://pastebin.com/PH8qfU6d Does somebody experience the same problems ? Does anybody have some suggestions for solving this problem ?
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We deprecated an overflow property for dataview/listview/tabcontainers.

"Widgets that are able to scroll their content (e.g. data view and groups box) no longer define overflow if they should not show a scrollbar. Floating dom nodes that relied on the overflow of their parent to clear the float will have to clear their float explicitly."

Example: the class mx-dataview-content used to have overflow: auto but we removed that by default

What I think happens in your situation is that elements are being floated and do not get a proper clear (clear: both) and that's why the content "Falls" outside the box. If you would try to put a clear: both; on a elements after elements that gets float it should be fixed.

Example by CSS tricks