Mendix API call to stop environment not working

I'm trying to stop the environments for my app using the Mendix Stop Environment API ( Environment fails to stop. Any idea what should be different when using this api? Request curl --request POST \   --url \   --header 'accept: */*' \   --header 'mendix-apikey: xxxx-8b97-xxx-bbfb-xxxx' \   --header 'mendix-username:' \   Response Code: 500 Internal server error Response: {     "errorMessage": "Cannot stop app: RuntimeStopFailed",     "errorCode": "STOP_FAILED" }
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The start and stop environment calls of the Mendix Deployment API are currently broken in the V4 cloud, they only work on V3. I've submitted a ticket for this with Mendix support on the 12th of June and they should be working on it.