Run app takes very long

Hello everyone, My name is Mike and I just started the first few tutorials of the free online course.  I'm using the Mendix Modeler 6.6.0 (as advised for same interface as tutorials)  but every time I make a change and save>run my app it takes a few minutes, is this normal because in the tutorial it only takes a second or two. My apologies for not using any tags but since I've only just started I would probably use the wrong ones anyways. Thanks in advance.  
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Hi Mike,


Also check which run option you are using, 'Run' alone with commit your changes, create a package and deploy to the free sandbox in the Mendix cloud.


'Run Locally' deploys your application on your machine and is much faster.


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The problem is the V4 cloud environment which is a lot slower then the old V3 cloud at the time that the tutorial was made. Especially the first deployment will take minutes as to seconds in the old cloud. Has something to do with setting up the AWS cloud in the background. The second time would take less time although it is still slower then the V3 cloud. Mendix is investigating if the process can be made less slower.






Hi Maikel,

Good luck on the courses!

regarding your question: it should not take that long, especially with a new (small) application. I am guessing you should look for answers outside of the Mendix modeler :)