Lost Error list and cannot retrieve it anymore...

I have unintendedly removed the error list in the modeler and am unable to retrieve it via View\Error list. That works for all other tabs. I have restarted, searched for configuration settings and even looked in the registry but can't find anything. Can anybody help me get back my error list, please!!! I need it because I am still unable to develop without any errors ;-)
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Did you use the Modeler in a two-monitor setup? If so, the error list window may be at coordinates outside your current monitor. The solution (for now) is to get rid of the Modeler settings that remember where each window was placed. In Windows 7 they can be found in C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Local\Mendix. You'll see a folder for each version of the Modeler you have used. You can identify the right one by checking the modification date.

I hope this fixes the problem of the lost error list.