Can I export picklist values from entity of domain model?

Hi, Can I export the picklist values of an enum of an entity in domain model to an excel sheet or notepad? In my modeler, I have an entity called Information. In that I have an enum with 50 values. Now I want to export those 50 values to an excel sheet. Is it possible? If yes, Please let me how can I approch this... Thanks in advance.. Thanks & Regards, Venkat.
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Hi Venkat,
Such an export is not natively possible in Mendix. What you can do is prepare a helper entity "EnumValuesHelper"with one string attribute e.g. "caption". Then you can use the following code inside a java action to get all the captions for that paricular enum.

List<IMendixObject> res = new ArrayList<IMendixObject>();
for ( ENU_MyFirstEnum e : ENU_MyFirstEnum.getClass.values() ) {
	EnumValuesHalper temp = new EnumValuesHalper(getContext());
return res;

Finally you can include the EnumValueHelper objects  the same way you would export any other entity.

Hope this helps,