Icons change color - what is the cause?

Hi Mendixers, Does anyone of you know the reason why the following event occurs: We use icons to indicate the status of an object. The icons are conditionally visible based on a Boolean. On the acceptation-environment, one of the icons looks like this: But on production, the same icon looks like this: This sometimes changes after a release (e.g. the icon is 'normal' on acceptance, and black/red on production), even if nothing on the page changed. Why do the icons look different in different environments? And why does the look change after a release? It would be nice to know the reason behind this! Thanks. Kind regards, Marieke
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Are these icons uploaded or incormporated in the model. Because if they are uploaded it means that you probably restored a production database to acceptance. Then you do not have the files anymore so you have a filedocument without contents and hence the same situation as you describe.