CKEditor Formatting Question

I have reused the token functionality from the Email Templates module to create a document template capability.  My document templates are edited in CKEditor and, for the most part, work well (I use them to create PDF files).  However, one problem is that when I have numbered lists in the text and I make the text size smaller, the numbers don't seem to respect the formatting of the rest of the text, as in the example below:   Anyone else encounter this - any pointers for how to correct this?
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Mike, I found this old bug on the CKEditor developer site:

They closed the ticket as "wont' fix". So, I think that means you have to manually edit the HTML source. In this case, I've manually edited the HTML here to set the <ol> tag's font size to 20px.


  1. Thing 1
  2. Thing 2
    1. Sub-thing 2a
    2. Sub-thing 2b


EDIT: On my first post, the text in the list was all 20px. After an edit, I cannot make it work again. I think CKEditor is stripping my font-size styling.


If I recall correctly, there's an option in the widget to enable a "view source" button, where you can make this edit manually.

The only other solution I can think of would be to wrap your output HTML form the CKEditor in a div with styling applied that sets the font size. Hopefully then that styling would get inherited by the rest of the document, including the numbered list.