How Can I Troubleshoot View Permissions For An Entity Attribute

I have two user roles, Support and Admin with access to a page that have the same module roles related to the data, but the support role cannot view the username, but admin role can. My application requires acknowledgements of notifications and that is handled by a Notifications Module. Acknowledgements are linked to the app store Administration.Accounts (specialization of System.User). The Support and Admin user roles have the administrator module role for Administration and System modules and they have the same administrator roles for the notifications module. As far as I can tell, both user roles should have access to view the user names. I cannot figure out why one has different rights than the other. The page in question displays a list of acknowledged notifications and the user name (over association between acknowledgement and account) of the user who acknowledged it and the date acknowledged. I have tried changing the user role of the support user to admin and that allowed him to view the user names so the issue is not with the relationship of the logged in user to the users in the list. I have tried creating a microflow with entity access apply that retrieves the same information and I was able to step through and see the correct data in the debugger.   I do not know where else the restriction may be coming from.
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I discovered the issue. viewing user name is restricted by the roles the user role can manage.