Toggling through arrows on dataview

Hi all, on a datagrid you have "toggle through" arrows in the right upper corner. I would like to allow users to toggle through dataviews. More precisely: The user opens a page with an order dataview. Now, she should be able to toggle through the orders by clicking on the arrows. Any suggestions are highly welcome :-)
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Have you tried TemplateGrid or ListView for this? Dataview contains, by definition, one object, so toggling through would not make sense. TemplateGrid, ListView and Datagrid have multiple objects, so toggling works. You could have a datagrid at the top of your page providing search capability for orders, and then have an order Dataview underneath that with a datasource of Listen To Widget pointing to your Order datagrid. Then when an Order is selected in the datagrid, you would see the details about that order in your listening dataview (including order items if you wish).