Deeplink - The requested URL /appname/link/ForgotPassword/ was not found on this server

Hi All, I have implemented deeplink for forgot password. it is perfectly working in my local. But when I user SIT environment server , it is showing following error on reset password link. I also added ApplicationRootURL in the config file , but no luck. Can somebody  please help me out.   Thanks Abhinay
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If you use nginx see this doc

Check whether this is enabled (no # at start of line) in the config

    # optionally, additional sub-urls can be proxied to the application, like
    # /link/ when using the deeplink widget, which registers a request handler
    # on /link/
    # note this one does not have the equals sign after location, because the
    # link widget uses urls like /link/blahblah, and not only /link/
    location /link/ {

and check your runtime definition of the deeplink