URL redirect for multilanguage using Deep Link

Hi All, for our application we have a URL like this: https://www.example.org/en/index.html We have configured DeepLink to have this url to manage redirect to the localized homepage. Now we need to let the users automatically redirect to the localized page based on different URLs, for example: https://www.example.org/en/index.html https://www.example.org/de/index.html https://www.example.org/it/index.html Is it possible to do this using Deep Link or there is another way to achieve this? Thank you in advance Regards
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Hi Giuseppe, Based on your question I assume you have an anonymous userrole in your project. Mendix is a single page application, so it isn't possible have different index.html pages for each language. The language is associated to the user and based on that the client/browser is using that language.

It is possible to use the deeplink module to publish different links for each language. The link would be: https://www.example.org/link/language/en (1 deeplink for multiple languages) or https://www.example.org/link/en (a deeplink per language). The hardest part is to attach the language to the user and reload the page again. The language is used when the client is loaded and after that the deeplink is triggered so the language would not change. You could use the URLRedirector widget to reload the page with the new language.