How can I print scrolling page to pdf?

Hi, Good Morning to all. In my application, I have one page with data. It is scrolling page. I want to print the data in that page to pdf. So I used PrintScreen To PDF widget. But it is giving me the screen shot of the page. I want full page. How can I approch this? Please help me in this. Thaks  in advance.    Thanks, Venkat.
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Hi Venkat,

Mendix has built-in document generation functionality, that is somewhat limited  but could be sufficient for your needs.

You can read up on it in the reference guide:

You can create a document template, and in a microflow use that template to create a document that the user can download as a pdf. 



My PrintScreen test project does print a scrollable portion of the screen. Please download the project to see how it works.


The PrintScreen widget uses a version (0.4.1) of the HTML2Canvas library that does not support downloading of off-page (so scrollbar needed) elements.

A newer beta version (0.5.0) of this HTML2Canvas library does cater for that, but is still in beta phase. So.. don't expect a fix anytime soon as related to the widget.

An option would be to alter the widget to include the 0.5.0 library if you have JavaScript skills?