Why is the the generate page not available at a db data grid new button?

hi guys   normally when adding a db data grid and clicking standard filling for an entity, there was generated a "new" button as wel. Right click "generate page" did the magic for generating a new/edit page for the entity. Now after upgrading to 7.5.0 i see that the "generate page" is not always visible when generated a new button for some entities. I did not remark this behaviour before...whats going on here? btw the same entity is a generalisation to others and does strange things when saving new objects...could it may correlate to each other...?
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According to the release notes, this is a bug in the Atlas Response pages in 7.5.0. Upgrade to 7.5.1 to fix.



"In 7.5.0, it was not possible to use the Generate page functionality for buttons in the Responsive profile. The Create Page dialog box showed no selectable page templates for this profile. We fixed this.