uxmanipulator error through deeplink

I'm using uxmanipulator on a form to set focus on the 1st field. When I open the form directly from the app, it works fine and focus is correct. However, when I use a deeplink url to open the form, the form opens, but the focus isn't working and at the top I get the error message: 'Could not create widget UXManipulator.UXManipulator: NotFoundError: Failed to execute 'observe' on 'MutationObserver': The provided node was null.'
2 answers

It looks like a timing issue. I would suggest to add a test on incubator between

        var incubator = dojo.query('.mx-incubator')[0];
        this.observeDOM( incubator, dojo.hitch(this, this.checkReload), false);

you can test this by changing the widget code in the deployment folder. Don't forget to change the widget if this solves it and suggest a change in github. https://github.com/appronto/UXManipulator/blob/master/UXManipulator/UXManipulator.js

Edit 1:

Leave the ie stuff in. I mean

        var incubator = dojo.query('.mx-incubator')[0];
        if (incubator) {
            this.observeDOM( incubator, dojo.hitch(this, this.checkReload), false);

This appears to be working now. Not exactly sure why. I noticed the widget was working on a different page, so copied that widget to the problem page and it's working now.