ModelSDK implementing deleting behaviour of structural units

Hi,   I've been playing for the last few days with the platformsdk and the modelsdk (both great ideas btw!) and walked across some, mostly minor, issues. Right now I am trying to synchronize the module list between two different projects through the modelsdk. A major issue that I've encountered through the modelsdk is that I cannot delete modules yet. The sdk states:   Something went wrong: Error: Deleting structural units is not supported yet     at StructuralChildListProperty.processChildRemoval (./node_modules/mendixmodelsdk/dist/sdk/internal/properties/structural.js:147:19)     at ./node_modules/mendixmodelsdk/dist/sdk/internal/properties/structural.js:117:71     at Array.forEach (native)     at StructuralChildListProperty.onChange (./node_modules/mendixmodelsdk/dist/sdk/internal/properties/structural.js:117:32)     at Array.<anonymous> (./node_modules/mendixmodelsdk/dist/sdk/internal/properties/structural.js:90:81)     at notifyListeners (./node_modules/mobx/lib/mobx.js:162:21)     at ObservableArrayAdministration.notifyArraySplice (./node_modules/mobx/lib/mobx.js:401:13)     at ObservableArrayAdministration.spliceWithArray (./node_modules/mobx/lib/mobx.js:356:18)     at ObservableArray.splice (./node_modules/mobx/lib/mobx.js:493:35)     at ObservableArray.remove (./node_modules/mobx/lib/mobx.js:540:18) So, my question is, how is the progress on implementing deleting behavior of structural units? And more general, is there also a place like an issue tracker to follow the development of these great sdk's and their features?    
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Hi Emile,


Thanks for your feedback, glad you like the idea of our SDK :-) Yes, deletion of modules is a missing function of the SDK at the moment. It's on the list of future improvements of the SDK (we also need it for the Web Modeler) but we don't have an estimation at the moment when it will be implemented. We don't have an issue tracker, the best place to track the progress of the SDK is the Release Notes section on our documentation site.