Database Replication - How to not trim whitespace of column value of String

When migrating from an existing database, leading and trailing blanks of column values of String type are removed (ie trim). If string space is required as a business requirement, I must migrate while keeping the blank. Is there a way to not trim whitespace of column values of type String?   Prerequisite - Database Replication 4.10.1 ( - Source DB: SQLServer 2012 SP1 - Destination DB: SQLServer 2012 SP3  
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That is a core Mendix functionality. I can only imagine a workaround:

  1. Before conversion add a never-used character like $ or # to all strings that needs to be preserved.
  2. Convert the database
  3. Remove the trailing character from 1 step from the strings.


Not elegant but maybe faster than letting Mendix change the conversion logic.


EDIT 1: In case of database replication, you will have to dive into the Java Actions of that module. It will contain a trim somewhere.